Women in AI Summit To Feature Sina the AI Storyteller

by Davar Ardalan, Founder of IVOW (Intelligent Voices of Wisdom)

Featured speakers, panelists, and conversational AI’s joining the virtual Women in AI Summit on Sept 8th

On September 8, the 2020 Women in AI Summit, “Bringing All Minds Together,” will present a series of free, virtual webinars on artificial intelligence, covering each hour of the day. The global event, featuring several AIs, kicks off in Australia and Asia, then moves on to Africa, through Europe to the Americas.

Some 3,000+ attendees and more than 100 speakers from 40 countries who are passionate about the potential for women to lead the way toward a more equitable and diverse ecology of artificial intelligence are expected to participate in #WAISummit2020.

Our conversational AI, Sina (SEE-na) Storyteller by IVOW, will also be present! Available in prototype via Google Home, Sina offers you stories and insights about under-represented people, cultures, and perspectives, including great women in history, ancient traditions, and vibrant food cultures from around the world.

IVOW, is a Washington D.C.-based startup focusing on cultural intelligence in AI. We empower our clients to incorporate cultural richness, inclusive datasets, and traditional storytelling solutions into their technology.

As a result of a collaboration with Soul Machines, Sina will appear at the summit as three different virtual people. Soul Machines’ platform is dedicated to creating personalized, empathetic AI representing the future of human-machine cooperation. Their astonishing Digital People are powered by the world’s only “Digital Brain” and Autonomous Animation Platform.

Watch Sina Storyteller here. As a result of a collaboration between IVOW and Soul Machines, Sina appears as three different virtual people.

Working with Soul Machines, IVOW is able to bring a cultural lens to the world of exponential AI. As a messenger of human stories, Sina can be seen with an expressive human face, combining AI technology together with storytelling.

Automation does not need to be synonymous with the loss of ancient wisdom and cultural knowledge. With Cultural Intelligence, AI can help, rather than hinder, humans in our quest to share our unique stories.

September 8, 2020: 5:00–6:00pm EDT

Cultural Data, Richer AI

How can the creation of machine-ready cultural datasets inspire richer AI solutions, bring visibility to global communities, and diversify the tech workforce? Panelists will include: Carrie Jaquith, global head of digital enablement at AXA XL; Coach Kathy Kemper CEO of the Institute for Education; Jessica Davis of Microsoft; and Shaun Chavis, founder and CEO of LVNGbook.

September 8, 2020: 6:00–7:00pm EDT

Cultural AI & Brands

Join our interactive panel of storytellers, scientists, and conversational AIs to consider how chatbots can become culturally diverse and deeply inclusive. Panelists will include: renowned AI and storytelling scientist Nasrin Mostafazadeh; Erica Lloyd director public sector strategy at at Soul Machines; Holly Peck, director of creative services at Soul Machines and Nikki McLay, director of AI partnerships at IVOW. We will also feature digital storyteller Sina and digital people from Soul Machines.

Sponsors and community partners for this summit include Jessica Davis at Microsoft; Coach Kathy Kemper of the Institute for Education; Carrie Jaquith of AXA_XL; Erica Lloyd and Holly Peck of Soul Machines; and Kee Malesky, Nikki McLay, Karim Ardalan, Nisa McCoy and Robert Malesky of IVOW.

About IVOW AI: IVOW, which stands for Intelligent Voices of Wisdom, is a tech startup focusing on cultural intelligence in AI. As the storytelling species, human beings view the world through a cultural lens. At IVOW, we empower our clients to incorporate cultural richness, inclusive datasets, and traditional storytelling solutions into their technology. With the power of cultural intelligence, we help enterprises share the story of their brand, develop brand affinity and awareness, drive traffic to their content, and directly engage with consumers in a unique and authentic way.

About Women in AI: Women in AI (WAI) is a nonprofit do-tank working towards gender-inclusive AI that benefits global society. Our mission is to increase female representation and participation in AI. We are a community-driven initiative bringing empowerment, knowledge and active collaboration via education, research, events, and blogging.

IVOW Founder and Storyteller in Chief

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