Today in New York: Your Voice Assistant As Global Storyteller

Our cultural storytelling bot in-training was featured today at SAP Next Gen as part of #VoiceCon Tech Tour!

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Davar Ardalan, Founder of IVOW, a Cultural Storytelling platform powered by AI together with Ann Rosenberg, Senior Vice President and Global Head of SAP Next-Gen

Artificial Intelligence continues to shape the future of engagement and automated stories but these tools are missing global voices and cultural data, leaving large portions of our planet’s population excluded from stories and narratives. At , we are introducing global narratives into AI & IoT and were excited to be showcased at today.

“Voice interaction will be a key driver for accelerating ‘innovation with purpose’ linked to the 17 UN Global Goals,” said Ann Rosenberg, Senior Vice President and Global Head of SAP Next-Gen, a purpose driven innovation university and community linked to the UN Global Goals.

The IVOW shared today illustrate how a bot can echo the stories of wisdom within families, communities, and companies in their own words. Current AI tools remain limited to dominant languages and cultures. The enriched perspectives on IVOW, are a powerful tool for knowledge sharing, advice and inspiration for the next generation.

Take the story of Chamisa Edmo, a Native American engineering student at the (SIPI) in Albuquerque, speaking here in her native language.

At our recent symposium at Morgan State University in Baltimore, the centrality of storytelling to human existence was ever-present. What, then, might the future of storytelling look like when it is combined with emerging intelligent voice technologies?

“I can imagine SIPI having a cultural robot which brings stories to life,” says Teresa Gomez, Communications Instructor at SIPI. Gomez says she can see a compelling application to record modern stories of successful Native people across different fields — inspiring generations in the process.

“These stories of success are valuable tools for our young people; who sometimes feel that they do not belong in the modern world for a variety of reason,” she added. “Building a collection of ‘heroes’ who are proving that Native people can do anything they set their minds to will be very beneficial.”

And then there’s the story of John Smith of Lima Ohio:

The market is prime for original content on intelligence voice devices. A recent report by shows an overwhelming awareness of voice technology. Only 10% of surveyed respondents were not familiar with voice-enabled products and devices. Of the 90% who were, the majority have used a voice assistant (72%). The PwC survey also showed that three out of every four consumers (74%) are using their mobile voice assistants at home.

To design meaningful consumer cultural storytelling robots, we will need to consider carefully and thoughtfully which elements are critical in ensuring the public can access and engage with these new tools. The same PwC survey shows that people are concerned about privacy issues, understanding how to use the tools, and also they want their voice bots to understand their accents and diction.

AI and storytelling can be a powerful tool to empower Native American students says Dr. Nader Vadiee of SIPI. “As an educator of Native students, I am concerned about the vast amount of ‘Natural Intelligence’ that remains untapped or under utilized. Our students can be owners and creators of AI generated stories rather being only consumers and end users,” he adds.

Experience IVOW and the future of voice in the intelligent enterprise. Just talk to IVOW from your Google Home device. To begin with, ask your Google Assistant to open IVOW (pronounced I-vow):
Then say, “Hey Google, ask IVOW to share a story from your database.”
or “Hey Google, ask IVOW to share the story of John Smith.”
or “Hey Google, ask IVOW to share a story in a different language.”
or “Hey Google, ask IVOW to share a story about Mexican-American heritage.”
or “Hey Google, ask IVOW to share a story about Artificial Intelligence for Good.”

Meet members of our team and learn more about what we do:

Davar Ardalan is the founder and storyteller in chief of , an AI-powered storytelling agency and . Ardalan co-chairs the Stories and Audiences Committee of the VR/AR Association, and has been recognized with a 2017 NASA Team Leadership award for Space Apps, a Gracie Award from the American Women in Radio and Television and a shout-out in the popular comic strip Zippy.

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IVOW Founder and Storyteller in Chief

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