The New AI Frontier: Tagging Indigenous Values

Generic labels from a popular image recognition app identifying an American Indian Powwow
Students participating in IVOW’s Dataset, AI, and Storytelling Workshop at AISES September 24, 2021
IVOW’s Davar Ardalan together with AISES Council Elders Steve and Rose Darden and their son Seth Darden.
Students examine a tapestry from Fiji, and consider how to use its structure as a framework for data on indigenous cultures.
The American Indian Science and Engineer Society’s Feather Flag is the first flag to enter the processional at the opening ceremony at the Phoenix Convention Center. A popular image recognition app tags the ceremonial Native American flag as a handrail.
One of the dancers in regalia at the AISES social powwow. The popular image recognition app can tell this is a festival; perhaps in the future its AI can identify what tribe this young man represents in Arizona.



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Davar Ardalan

Davar Ardalan

Executive Producer of Audio, National Geographic