My mother Laleh Bakhtiar turns 80 on July 29. Her life has been one of deep scholarship and sacrifice. In May 2016, she was awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Mohammed Webb Foundation in Chicago, IL for her contributions to the American Muslim community. (Photo at the Jefferson Memorial — April, 2014)

Her Flag Unfurled: Celebrating My Mother’s Indomitable Spirit

Her 1956 high school yearbook at Holton Arms included this quote: “ My plume on high, my flag unfurled, I rode away to right the world.” Looking back, my mother’s life has been a blessed and most extraordinary one. Ahead of her 80th birthday, I’m sharing some of her journey, in a series of posts, in her own words.

Helen Jeffreys served as a Public Health Nurse in Iran for the United States Navy. “What we envisage is a program of development based on the concepts of democratic fair-dealing. All countries, including our own, will greatly benefit from a constructive program for the better use of the world’s human and natural resources.” — President Harry Truman’s Inaugural Address January 20, 1949.
My mother, Helen Jeffreys, is holding me when I was 6 months old in Tehran, Iran
Me at age 2 in Los Angeles
My grandpa Captain Woodsen Jeffreys, grandma Nell, uncle James, Helen, Shireen and I — Los Angeles, 1945.
In Tehran with my brother Cyrus Bakhtiar, who passed away in 1976
My brother Jamshid Bakhtiar at the University of Virginia
My mother and I at the Jefferson Memorial April, 2014

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