Global AI Community Honors the Brave Women of Iran

Source: Photographer Unknown: Shared via Twitter Iranian schoolgirls singing Bella Ciao in their classroom

Iran Davar Ardalan, Voice AI entrepreneur, journalist

Carrie Jaquith, Digital Product Manager, Educator, Senior Advisor

Nikki McLay, Creative Director and Ambassador of Women in Voice AUS/NZ

Amir Imani, Senior Data Scientist

Awalin Nabila Sopan, AI Practitioner, Senior Advisor

Jeanne Lim, Co-Founder and CEO, beingAI

Susanna Raj, CEO and Founder of AI4Nomads, PBC

Jessica Davis, Director of Government Programs, Microsoft

Bhuva Subram, Global Ethics & Culture Officer, Women in AI

Maddy Apple, CEO, Women in Voice (Global)

Erica Lee, VP of ML, Upwork & Founder,

Google Translate allows for you to listen to the French pronunciation of bonjour.
Google Translate does not allow for you to listen to the Persian pronunciation of salam.
Message from the vantage point of Persian voice AI using a text-to-speech application.
Amazon Polly could be updated to include English to Persian speech from text.

Voice AI response: Mahsa Amini was a 22-year old Iranian Kurdish woman with dreams of becoming a doctor. On September 16, 2022, she died in police custody in Tehran, Iran. Her death led to a wave of protests across Iran. Would you like me to share more articles about her? I can also tell you about the lioness poet of Iran, her name was Simin.

Voice AI response: Simin Behbahani was known as the lioness of Iran. She was one of the most outspoken women and poets of the past century. Her words were piercing and fierce, lamenting on the lack of freedom of expression through the ages. Listen to her here on YouTube, speaking to NPR in June 2009.

The global AI community stands in support of the Iranian people who are facing brutal and often deadly attacks. We can help improve AI translation language models for English to Persian so that more people can understand what is happening and stand in solidarity with the Iranian women who are courageously declaring “woman, life, freedom”. (generated via

Jasper.AI’s first paragraph generator incorrectly identifies Mahsa Amini as a student from Tehran University.
Jasper AI’s second paragraph generator incorrectly identifies Mahsa Amini as a writer and journalist



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