5 Ways We Nurtured Cultural Context in AI in 2020!

Our core startup team at IVOW — Intelligent Voices of Wisdom (R-L) Nisa McCoy, Robert Malesky, Kee Malesky, Nikki McLay, Nagaraj Amarnath, Karim Ardalan, Davar Ardalan, Ali Khosh.

Here are our top 5 accomplishments in 2020!

In our Indigenous Knowledge Graph prototype, we include the sustainable development goals (SDGs) that are most relevant to the Native American cultures and recipes we focused on. This ontology is a way to sort information into logical hierarchical relationships. Experience our interactive report here.

1. Indigenous Knowledge Graph: ​Data + Culture

IVOW and Topcoder’s Women in History Data Ideation Challenge took place in July 2020.

2. Diverse Datasets with Topcoder: Data + Women

IVOW and NGA currently prototyping cultural IQ analytics - December 2020.

3. Cultural IQ with NGA: Data + Analytics

On September 8, the 2020 Women in AI Summit, “Bringing All Minds Together,” featured a panel with IVOW and Soul Machines. Watch our demo.

4. Storytelling with Soul Machines: Data + Stories

IVOW joined thought leaders in a series of virtual roundtables led by the New York Academy of Sciences

5. NY Academy of Sciences: Data + Collaboration

How media organizations can organize to join the AI revolution

Looking to the future



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Davar Ardalan

Davar Ardalan

Executive Producer of Audio, National Geographic